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I'm often asked, "Just what does a designer do?"   

That's a pretty loaded question!

The design professional wears many hats in the world of interior design.  Contrary to what you see on TV, a real-world designer doesn't show up, send you away, and surprise you with a transformation of your entire home in a weekend.  The process is so much more than that...and so  much more fun! 

We build relationships with our clients to create a perfect space for them...a space that they call HOME!

It is my job to serve as the guide through the maze of options and choices 

available in the worlds of fabric, colors, furniture, kitchen and bath design and so much more!

My years of experience and the relationships that I have built with artisans, vendors, tradespeople and wholesalers allows me to blend my artist’s eye with your desires to create stylish and functional spaces where you and your family feel blessed!

An interior designer is an advisor:
We help you discover your style and what you want for your home.

We design a space for you that fits your lifestyle.

We can see the “Big Picture” and help you see it too!

We can help you to set realistic goals for your budget and your timeline.

We can facilitate the work being done from the design phase to completion.

It is the goal of each of us at Sally J. Designs to build trusting relationships with our clients to alleviate the fear, confusion and headache of trying to do everything on your own.  We're partners in creating a home you will love!


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